How to Draw a Desert Scene

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Start this lesson by drawing out a straight horizontal line for the ground of the desert. Next draw the frame for the three cactus plants as you see here and draw the beginning line for the mountain.


You will now start drawing out the rock like looking desert mountains as you see here. This is when you can get even more creative by adding your own shape to the mountains or keep them how you want. Once this is done move to the next step. See, so f   


As you can see this is pretty simple and every step is as basic as they get. You will start drawing out the shape of the cactus plants as you see here. Next add the lining to detail the mountain sides.


As you can see you will now finish this drawing lesson by completing the last step. Draw out the puffy clouds and then add more definition to the front of the biggest mountain. You can then finish the small cactus and then start erasing all the guide   


This is what your completed desert should look like when you are done. You can just color the scene in and that is it. I hope you liked this lesson on how to draw a desert scene step by step.

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March 22, 2009

Description: This next lesson is going to be a fun experience because you will learn how to draw a desert step by step. Whenever you attempt to draw landscapes you have the choice to draw a scenario that is customized to your liking. There is so many landscapes that you can draw besides the desert that is cool and colorful. For example learning how to draw a jungle is something that you can get really creative with because you can include a bunch of tropical animals that live in the jungle or tropical rain forest. As for a desert the only types of animals and insects you will find there are scorpions, snakes, lizards, camels, beetles, and many other different types of animals. Plants that live in the desert are things like the cactus, desert dandelions, and the poisonous dogbane which is a plant that looks like a regular soft leafed plant that buds small white flowers. I had a ton of fun drawing out this desert landscape and I wanted it to stay simple. I drew a few desert mountains, three cactus plants some clouds and a hot penetrating sun. The coloring came out wicked good and because of the way I laid out the steps and drew the desert, this will be an easy tutorial to color using simple tools like colored pencils, crayons, or markers. I have to go right now but I will be back in a jiffy. In the mean time sit here a bit and tackle this tutorial on how to draw a desert scene step by step.

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