How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant

Artist: Dawn / July 17, 2009

Step 1.

This is going to be so incredibly easy to do. To start this lesson on "how to draw a cartoon elephant", you will need to draw two circles, one for the head and one for the body. Next draw guidelines for the face, trunk, and legs.

Step 2.

You will now draw out the trunk and then draw in the inside lining for the cartoon elephants ear as seen here. Next draw the eyes and pupils and then add the eyebrows and a few pieces of hair on the elephants head. You will then draw out the shape of   

Step 3.

You will draw out the squared shape of teh cartoon elephant legs and then add swirls for the knees, and arches for the toe nails. Once that is done you can move to the next step.

Step 4.

Finish this last drawing step by adding swirls on the front knees and then draw the rest of the elephants boy and tail. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 5.

This is how your elephant should look when you are done. Color it in and you have learned how to draw a cartoon elephant step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 17, 2009
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Description: Having lessons on drawing cartoons wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have a tutorial on “how to draw a cartoon elephant", step by step. Now because I have been so addicted to doing cartoon lessons, I wanted to draw an animal that is well loved and has been around for millions of years even if they looked a bit different. The elephant is probably one of the first cartoon animals that children and older kids would try and attempt to draw. I know when I was like eleven, drawing a cartoon elephant wasn’t easy at all. Back then I didn’t know that there was places that could teach me how to draw any cartoon animal I wanted. All my drawing experience comes from within me. I may have referenced pictures, but all in all every drawing I have ever drawn was always done by eye. I never took or looked at lessons from knowledgeable people, which is probably why it took so long for me to get better at drawing. The best thing for all you starting artists out there to do is learn from others that already know what to do. This way here you will spare yourself all the struggling trying to pinpoint what goes where and all that nonsense. This tutorial will be very fun and easy, and when you are done you will know “how to draw a cartoon elephant” step by step. I am down to one more tutorial and I am saddened to say that I will be uploading that one tomorrow. I am tired so I think I am going to crash on the couch to some boring TV show. I will be back tomorrow folks with more drawing fun. Peace out everyone!