How to Draw Wolverine

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This step is all about drawing seven circles. The top oval one is for the head, the two overlapping circles below that is going to be the chest. The other four are the shapes for his arm. These are all guidelines and will be erased at the end of the    


Now in this step sketch those two wing type shapes that are right above the eyes on the costume. On the left hand side start sketching out the frame for his shoulder and part of the forearm. On the right side start at the back of the wing and draw st   


Here is where you will be working on the lower part of wolverines body. But first put some muscle detail in the right arm and shoulder and a small part of the left chest breast. Complete that and then go down south to make the lining for the lower bo   


Putting more muscle and vein details is necessary before you move down to draw some more of the legs. So what you do is sketch the formation of the chest with simple lines, and put lining on the neck he is straining his mouth from anger so that shoul   


This step is just focusing on the right and left hands and the left boot. He is making two closed fist so if you would just draw two circles on each hand to help you form the hands and gloves. Now lets talk a little about the boot, his boots are shap   


Now what you are going to d here is put muscle detail in his abdomen.This is done just by drawing a subtle six pack, and rib definition. After you mastered that move a little ways down and draw out his belt. This looks like a regular shaped belt with   


In this step what you will be doing is drawing in the face. The eyes are real simple; just draw two little oval circles. For the mouth draw an open upside down smile and right underneath the mask you can see a few frown lines from making a mean looki   

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January 23, 2008

Description: The character from Marvel Comics “Wolverine” is one that is known to almost anybody that watches movies or reads comic books. He was created by several writers and artist, which is why he is such a well developed superhero. When did he make his first appearance you ask? Well he made a brief swing by in the Incredible Hulk #180 of 1974, then another with a full profile in the #181 issue. Wolverine is probably my favorite of all the superhero’s that are out there today. I don’t know if it’s his strong animal senses, or his advanced physical strength and the way he is able to heal himself that makes me like this character so much, what ever it is I know that Wolverine is Marvels most memorable heroes. I use to watch the X-men cartoons on TV as a kid, and I can tell you that I am still a fan. The movie that came out a few years ago called “X-Men” was really on point except for the fact that Logan wasn’t 6’2 he was only 5’3. They did get it right about the color of his hair, and how he was searching around Canada for the truth about his past, because he is from Canada so it would make sense that he would look there first. The other thing they got wrong about Logan is the color of his eyes, they were actually blue not brown. All in all they did a real good job; I thought the X-Men trilogy was very entertaining. I even heard that a movie called “Wolverine” is coming to theaters in 2009, I can’t wait to see that one. I especially liked who they picked to Play Wolverine, “Hugh Jackman” oh yeah he is hot. Anyway, the tutorial teaches you how to draw Wolverine step by step. The instructions are easy and anyone can do it. I think using the comic character was a good choice because of the classic blue and yellow colors. If you want to learn some really cool and exciting stuff in this legendary character from Marvel comics you can visit their website that is specially made just for Wolverine by clicking here. Well that is all for now have fun with this lesson on "how to draw Wolverine step by step. Have a load of fun and peace out!.

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