How To Draw Cyclops

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Okay lets start this first with drawing out the shape of Cyclops head. Start with a big round circle with facial guidelines drawn in which is just like a big long cross that goes straight down the middle. Now draw a line going across the bottom part    


As you can see here you will start sketching in the detailing to make Cyclops look like Cyclops. Start with sketching in his hair line. As you know he has some what of a short hair style. Now sketch in the shape of his optical glasses along with the    


Now since this character who plays Scott Summers or Cyclops has a very strong facial frame, there is extra detailing that needs to be done to his jaw or cheek. But first lets work on detailing his optical glasses. What you are gonna need to do is ske   


All you will be doing in this step is sketching out his hair style. Take your time doing this so it comes out looking very real. He has short wavyish straight hair that parts in the middle as you can see. This can be done with a series of long stroki   


In this step you will be sketching in more detailed lining on his leather jacket to make it look real and three dimensional. Study the step and do as you see. After that ears all those visible guidelines and shapes that you previously drew in step 1.


After you cleaned up your sketch and you have added some quick shading as seen here you should end up with a sketch that looks like the one above. Color him in if you wish or leave him as a sketch. As with any portrait sketch drawing I always leave i   

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June 18, 2008

Description: How many of you watched the movie based on the characters from Marvel Comics called X-Men. I’m almost positive everyone that comes to this site has seen all three movies. The character today that I will be teaching you how to draw is Scott Summers or other wise known as Cyclops. Scott grew up in a town called Anchorage in the state of Alaska. His father was Major Corsair of the United States Air Force. While flying the skies with his family in his parent’s plane, they were attacked by a Shi’ar ship. Shi’ar’s are an alien race of bird people. In an attempt to save their children Scott and his brother Havok were strapped and thrown from the plane hoping that the chutes would open for them. Unfortunately, Scotts parachute caught fire and he landed on his head causing Scott to suffer from brain damage. While suffering from brain damage he lost the ability to control his optic blast. He later runs away at the age of 16 from an orphanage where he was being used in scientific experiments by Mr. Sinister. He finds refuge in the arms of Professor X. Over time Professor X teaches Scott how to control his optic blast abilities. Soon after he became an X-Man in fact he is the original member that is left after the other members moved out due to other mutants that where going to move in. Scott Summers or Cyclops, stayed with the professor because he feared his optical powers. He later meets and falls in love with Jean Grey another mutant that stays in Xavier’s school for gifted children. Jean and Scott soon become entangled with each other, but their relationship becomes a constant on again off again partnership. In the X-Men movie the couples seem to be very in love, but as soon as Logan or Wolverine moves into the mansion with the rest of the gifted mutants. Logan and Jean form a mutual relationship with each other making things more intense in the house of Professor X. Cyclops’s power consist of the ability to absorb ambient solar energies which his body then metabolizes and converts into a powerful optic blasts. I like Cyclops as a character from the X-Men and I am happy to teach you how to draw him step by step with very easy instructions. So sit back and focus your optical shields to full protection because you are ready to go on a drawing tutorial ride.

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