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How to Draw Guns N Roses Symbol

Artist: Dawn / January 22, 2008
How to Draw Guns N Roses Symbol

Step 1.

Lets start off this step by drawing a big circle the shape of a record. On both sides of the shape draw little square notches that will be the tips of the guns, and underneath that draw two points which will be the pedals of the roses.

Step 2.

Now draw another smaller round circle inside the larger circle, just like I said it looks exactly like a record. Then draw two lines on each side that are adjacent to eachother that match up with the square tips of the gun barrels.

Step 3.

Draw yet another circle inside the second circle, then start drawing the gun handles and chambers. These shapes resemble the backside of an animal or two coffee cups opposite eachother. After finishing this simple step move to step 4 where you will b   

Step 4.

Now, finish the guns by drawing the triggers and some of the definition on the bullet chambers. Finish the line work on the barrels just by lining them up with the tips that stick out of the page. After completing that task move onto the task which    

Step 5.

Now in this step what you do is detail the roses by adding curved lines within the lines until you have the appearance of a rose. Then what you have to do is sketch out the vines, just start off by drawing a single line going around each gun coming t   

Step 6.

Like I said the vines are beefed up in this step by just simply drawing more lining following the previous lines. This will make the vines seem whole. Draw leaves sporadically threw the vines. Place two leaves near the tip off the barrel, two in the    

Step 7.

Here is where you will detail the gun handles adding the screws that are in a gun and your also going to sketch the definition and details on the gun chambers. Don't forget to detail and draw the triggers before moving to the step 8.

Step 8.

In this step you are just simply going to sketch out the words guns n roses. Take your time wile doing this step because the lettering is different then usual. After you complete this step move to the last and final step where you finish off the draw   

Step 9.

This is your finished work. You should do all the final touches here before you color the sketch. One of the greatest bands of all time Guns n Roses.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 22, 2008
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Description: Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games, an awesome song from a kickin band that has been around since 1985. The first song that got me hooked to Guns n’ Roses was “Sweet Child O’ Mine” The power in Axl Rose’s voice was incredible, now don’t get me wrong everyone one knows he has a “not so perfect voice” but he still knows how to rock the mic. This LA band knew how to put on a show no matter were they performed. Guns n Roses was labeled as a reckless band when ever they toured and made headlines in almost every rock music magazine as being a drunk on and off stage. The band had five members total and their names were, Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler. Together they formed a band that has maintained record sales. Appetite for Destruction has sold a total of 26 million copies and remains in the top 100 of greatest rock bands ever. They all stayed together as a band for a while but the first to go was Steven Adler who was the drummer, he left for unknown reasons. The best albums that were released from Guns n Roses other then appetite for destruction was Lies, Lies, Lies, and Use your Illusion 1&2. In all honestly there is only a handful of songs on both of those tracks that were likeable. Till this day GnR remains one of my favorite bands but the sad thing is, I don’t care to much for the new GnR. I think Axl Rose lost his way and Guns n’ Roses will never again have the energy and sound as they once did back in 1986. This tutorial shows you how to draw the Guns n’ Roses symbol step by step with easy to read instructions. This symbol is used on their record label as well as posters. Have fun with this tutorial and I’ll see you next time.