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How to Draw V from V for Vendetta

Artist: Groucho101 / July 8, 2009
How to Draw V from V for Vendetta

Step 1.

I'm going to make this easy and say - copy the pictures :D That's all you need to do with any of my tutorials. We start with a few simple shapes and lines. I like to keep things simple.

Step 2.

Now we need to focus on the bottom half first. The legs, boots, and cape are really easy: and you shouldn't have any problem drawing the belt. With the cape, make the lines between the legs fairly straight, and more curvy as you go out.

Step 3.

Draw the hat first. He's head is tilted forward (a common 'V' pose) and that reduces the amount of face you see. Draw the bottom half of his mask (that's all you can see because of the hat) and some basic hair and shoulders.

Step 4.

Still with me over there? Good. Draw in the arms, the top of the gloves, and the top of the cape over his shoulders. Then finish drawing the vertical lines of the cape. As you can see he's nearly finished already.

Step 5.

Right, finishing touches (already?!) Draw his hands and the knives his holding - I went off the paper here because I wasn't concentrating. Draw the knives on his belt, and make his belt buckle just a bit more fancy.

Step 6.

Fin! Rub out construction lines, go over any mistakes and do whatever you think best. Your freedom fighter extraordinaire is done and dusted.

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Artist: Groucho101
Date Added: July 8, 2009
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Description: V for Vendetta = WIN. Simple, huh? No really, the graphic novel - and the rubbish film - involved a plot of such intrigue and awesomeness that left you hungry for more. Well...maybe that was just me. Now you can draw the legendary 'V' as well. Apologies for the lack of color in this tutorial, but my black pen died on me at half past 2 this morning.