How to Draw Thomas the Tank Engine

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Now before we begin let me start off by saying Thomas the tank engine is going to be very easy to learn how to draw because his shape basically square. So lets start off by drawing your basic guidelines to sketch out the train in portion. There are 5   


Now draw the framing and lines of position throughout the front of the train. Looking straight ahead it will resemble the front of a house, see the two windows, chimney, steps, and we can call the circle in the middle the front door when in fact it w   


Now here in this step you will be actually be drawing out Thomas's face and other details that are visible on his tank train. Lets start off by drawing those two small circles in the corner on the front of the train, do a double circle meaning draw o   


Now here on the last step of drawing all you have to do is draw in his eyeballs, bottom outline of a lip, and the chain link that hangs from the bottom of the train. After you are satisfied with your sketch you can go ahead and erase all those guidel   


This is your finished product. Thomas the tank train should look like this when you are done. The only thing left to do is color him in and have fun by pining him up on the wall or refrigerator. Until next time my fellow artist.

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February 13, 2008

Description: In the year of 1946 a book was released about a fictional character named Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas is a tank train that wanted to achieve many goals that took real skill and hard work. He is so determined to accomplish his task that at times he takes on jobs that he is unable to fulfill, and not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t. You see, Thomas the tank engine is an inexperienced little train, so for him to even attempt to do important jobs like pulling an express train or carrying heavy loads that weigh more than him it would be almost impossible for him to do, but Thomas has a hard time understanding that. He gets a lot of advice from his three close friends Annie, Clarabel, Toby, good old Edward, Duck, and finally Percy. Thomas is a replica of the E2 Class 0-6-0T locomotives that where built for Brighton, London, and South Coast Railways back in 1913 and 1916. The more popular this little tank train became, the more boys and girls absolutely loved and adored him. I for one as a child watched the show on TV everyday after school. The most distinctive thing about Thomas was his big cheeks, big eyes and big personality. He is a spunky train that feels he is more important than anyone else on or off the railways; he almost demands a hefty amount of respect from others and when he doesn’t receive it or is ignored by his request, he becomes incredibly annoyed. That is why he is often arguing with Percy and Toby, because they stand up to him and put Thomas in his place. You wouldn’t think that his personality is so fierce by first glance, but that is his way of staying on top of his dreams and goals. Kids are going to love learning how to draw Thomas the Tank Engine because the steps are easy, the instructions are clear and simple to read, and because when kids and adults learn something new, you actually know what to do ahead of time.

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