How to Draw The Punisher

Artist: splendidriver / October 15, 2010

Step 1.

First, sketch out the basic lines to build up his body. Pay a lot of attention to this step since these are the structure of the body. Each circles represents a bone joint.

Step 2.

Now follow the red lines and draw the basic shape of his body. Remember that The Punisher is a pretty bulky guy, and stay focus on the bone joints (the little circles) and the structure lines, they'll keep your lines not to go out of anatomy.

Step 3.

Now we can move on to the details. You'll start with his angry face. Focus on how I draw his eyebrows, his mouth and the angry wrinkles. Don't forget his ears and the hair too.

Step 4.

I prefer him with a coat on, so we'll draw him a coat and his upper body here. And give him a gun in his hand too.

Step 5.

Draw him a military pants with a pocket, and a pair of military boots too, that's what make him bad-ass (focus on the folds on his clothes). He'll need an utility belt and a shotgun on his back too.

Step 6.

Ok, you're almost there. His skull on his t-shirt must not be forgotten. Now give him everything else. A knife, a gun pocket, some bullets, some clothes buttons, some more details on the gun... No one knows what he needs better than you do, it's up t   

Step 7.

Clean up all the messy sketchy lines from before steps and refine your line art. Now you're ready to color up.

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Artist: splendidriver
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Description: The Punisher (Frank Castle) is one of the most famous character in Marvel Universe as an anti-hero type (who is always ready to kill anyone that steps in his way). So, I hope this tutorial will help you guys find a way to draw this bad-ass man in a cartoony style.