How to Draw Reef from Stoked

Artist: Dawn / August 7, 2009

Step 1.

The first thing you are gonna want to do is enlarge this step to make the image bigger. Once you have done that you can then start drawing out the guidelines and shapes needed to make a frame for Reef. Draw an egg shape first for the head and then ad   

Step 2.

You will start sketching out the California hairstyle that Reef is wearing which is kind of long and spiked in the front, and short and clean in the back. You will then draw in his face which includes the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth. Draw the ear   

Step 3.

Now step three is all about drawing out Reefs torso part of his body. Draw the shape and size of the shoulder, arms, chest and waist. Draw a nub for a hand and then sketch out some of the lining for his surfer towel.

Step 4.

You will draw a necklace, draw his tattoo on his left shoulder, and then sketch out the definition of his chest, ribcage, and abs. You know every surfer that resides in California has to have a nice set of abs.

Step 5.

Here is your last drawing step for this Stoked character. All you have to do is draw out the rest of the towel that he has wrapped around his shorts. After that you can draw out his legs and then his feet. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you   

Step 6.

This tutorial on "how to draw Reef from Stoked step by step" is just about done. All you have to do now is grab some coloring tools and start shading in your cartoon character from Cartoon Network.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: There is a new show on Cartoon Network and I wanted to submit a lesson on one of the characters from the series. I am a big Cartoon Network fan and I love all the cartoons and shows that they air. I only watched the show once but I automatically picked a favorite character and his name is Reef. So having just said all that I will be showing you β€œhow to draw Reef" from Stoked step by step. For a new cartoon this is pretty cool. From what I have seen the show is about a bunch of teenage surfers that work at a surfing resort, and working at such a high priced resort and hotel, it isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. Most teenage kids think that it would be so cool to work at a five star hotel or be a lifeguard for a popping private beach. What these kids from Stoked found out is that work is hard, and if you want to play hard you have to work hard. The one thing that keeps them sane is that they get to hang with their friends and be tortured together. There is six main characters from the series and Reef is one of them. His other friends are Fin, Broseph, Emma, Lo, and Johnny. I love the way the characters look because they are all so Californian looking. And what I mean by that is they all look like the typical surfer dudes that hang with their typical looking surfer chicks. The show can be viewed on Cartoon Network every Thursday at 8:30. The lesson all in all was pretty simple and I had a lot of fun drawing Reef out. When you tackle this lesson on β€œhow to draw Reef from Stoked step by step, you will see that this tutorial is fun and exciting. Be back soon everyone, so keep in touch and keep on drawing.