How to Draw Mandy

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Okay lets start this first step with a big wide circle for Mandy's head. Than sketch in her facial guidelines. After that you will draw a big plus sign for the fame of her body. So far it is real easy right?


Now here is where Mandy start getting her good looks from. First the easiest thing to do is draw out the shape of her thick headband. Not the whole thing just the beginning front line. Than draw out the shape of her hair in the back of her head and t   


Now finish the lining for her headband and draw out her ear. Next draw the shape of her eyes and pupils and thicken her eyebrows as well. What you will be doing next is drawing out the daisy on her shirt along with the design of her shoe straps and l   


This is what your finished drawing of Mandy should look like. Wasn't that easy as eating pie? All that is left to do now is color her in. I hope you had a blast with this tutorial on how to draw Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

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June 13, 2008

Description: This next tutorial is going to be on another Cartoon Network character. The reason why I chose to do this lesson is simple, I like the show. Today you will get the opportunity to learn "how to draw Mandy" from the hit animated series "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy". Mandy is a short blonde headed young girl who can often be very cruel. She is also known to have her own opinion about everything and anything almost like a little nagger. She very rarely smiles and when she does it’s only because she got her way and spoke her mind which she does almost all the time. Her quick witted come backs and analogies usually aids her in getting what she wants when she wants it, if not she will just take it by force with her own two hands no matter if you like it or not. If there was a picture in the dictionary to describe a combination of power and control, Mandy would be the image of the definition to those two words. To me this show is new, but in reality it has been airing since 2001, WOW! That is a surprise. I don’t watch much T.V. now a days so when I started watching the Billy and Mandy show I was pulled in because it is so incredibly funny. Even though Mandy is a rough looking, strong speaking girl, she still has a bit of pink in her soul. That could explain why she wears a pink dress with a big flower in the middle. Doesn’t she look so happy in this tutorial? I think that her down, miserable looking face is a trip. She really does look kinda grim huh. Of course Billy is the exact opposite of Mandy and I think his attitude and personality pretty much says it all. He is a kid with a lot of energy and when he explores he often gets into trouble. The pair of them together makes a perfect opposite match. I think you will have fun learning "how to draw Mandy" from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I know I was laughing the whole time I was drawing her face. I think it had something to do with the pink dress and big flower not going with the expression on her face. Have fun Ya’ll

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