How to Draw Jude Lizowski from 6TEEN

Artist: Dawn / July 10, 2009

Step 1.

To draw Jude from 6teen, you will need to sketch out some basic guidelines and shapes. Start with a circle for his head and then draw the facial guidelines. Next draw out the body's lines of motion which will be the position your 6teen character will   

Step 2.

Sketch out the shape of the lower portion of Jude's face which is pointed and eggish. Next draw a smile line and then begin drawing out his torso and or shirt. Don't forget to draw the shape of his neck and then the left arm.

Step 3.

You will now sketch out the shape of Jude's head and then when that is done sketch out the cap he happens to be wearing. Next add some hair lines and then finish drawing out his shirt and right arm and hand. Begin the lining for his pants and or legs   

Step 4.

Finish drawing out Jude's shorts and then begin his the shaping of his legs. Sketch out the socks and then detail the pocket lining.

Step 5.

Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do now is sketch out the rest of his hair and then his face which includes his eyes, nose and ear detailing. Finish his shirt and pants and then draw out his extreme sneakers. Erase all the guideline   

Step 6.

This is what Jude should look like when you are done. Color him in and your lesson on "how to draw Jude from 6teen" step by step is done.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Has anyone watched that cartoon series on Cartoon Network called 6TEEN? Well I have caught a few episodes and there is a character that I happen to be growing fond of and his name is Jude. The reason why I watched a few is because a member requested Jude as a tutorial and of course I have to fill request. Jude is a laid-back kid that likes sports. I know what your thinking, all kids like sports right? Well even though Jude is a very active kid, he is more into extreme sports opposed to your regular football and baseball type of deal. His best friend is Jonesy Garcia and together they work hard to play really good pranks on other people. They spend a lot of time at the mall and because of that the two of them are highly watched and even on the mall’s most wanted list. Like a lot of characters nowadays, Jude happens to be Jewish and his father regularly spies on his son to see if there is any mischief that he is undergoing. His mother is a preschool bus driver and Jude has suspicions that the Bickersons are his paternal grandparents that have been in hiding for fifty years because they were x-freedom fighters. Anyways that is all I really have to say about Jude because I didn’t catch to many episodes of the show. The one thing that I can do, is teach you “how to draw Jude from 6TEEN” step by step. Have fun and I think you will find this lesson easy to complete. I shall return still with more so stay tuned in folks. Peace out and happy drawing.