How to Draw Abomination

Artist: Dawn / January 8, 2009

Step 1.

Okay lets start off this lesson by drawing out the guidelines and shape for the body frame for Abomination. Start with a small circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Once that is finished you will draw out the horseshoe shaped torso    

Step 2.

In this second step you will start drawing out the shape of his body and arms. Start with drawing out his face and jaw as you see here. Once that is done you will add the eye lines and then the shape of his over muscular neck. Once you have done that   

Step 3.

As you can see your DC Comics character should be coming out quite nicely. Start this step by drawing out the facial expression on his face starting with the nose and mouth as well as the wrinkle lines under his mouth. Finish off the shape of his mus   

Step 4.

In this step which is step four you will start adding the definition and detail to his body starting with his face. Once that is complete continue to draw out the lining for his eyes, frown lines, and teeth. Add the strain lines on his neck, shoulder   

Step 5.

Well you have finally made it to your last drawing step. All you will do here is add the spikes on his back and then define his stomach and add lines for his ribs. Erase all the visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6.

Once you are done and your sketch is cleaned up you should end up with something like the one you see here. All you have to do now is color it in and your set. I hope you liked this lesson on how to draw Abomination from The Incredible Hulk step by s   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 8, 2009
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Description: Hello everyone, welcome back to and to another fun filled drawing lesson. I would like to start by saying that I hope everyone is enjoying the new layout that I have worked on for the past week. Anyways today’s tutorial is going to be pretty cool. I will be showing you how to draw Abomination from The Incredible Hulk step by step. There are two reasons why I chose to do this tutorial. The first reason is because it was requested by a member some time back and I would like to say that I apologize for taking so long to fill the request. The second reason why I chose to do this lesson is because I bought the movie “The Incredible Hulk” and I have to say, the Hulk wasn’t the only cool looking science project developed for the movie and story line. The character played by “Tim Roth” was pretty sweet; he is the one that eventually turns into Abomination. At first he starts out being a KGB agent sent to track down Bruce Banner who as you know, transforms into the Incredible Hulk. His real name is Emil Blonsky and at first he is only injected with small amount of radiation to give him added strength and speed in an attempt to capture Bruce Banner while he was transformed into Hulk. After wanting more strength and speed Emil takes the same gamma radiation but in greater amounts that Bruce Banner was exposed to which turned him into Abomination. What are differences between Abomination and Hulk you ask? The answer is not much. They both posses the same strength, stamina and ability to regenerate, the only difference is Abomination has the ability to retain his intellect but cannot change back into human form. I did the best that I could when it came to sketching out this character from DC Comics. As some of you may or may not know Abomination is a recurring villain in the Hulk series and he looked slightly different from what he looks like in the movie. This character took me about two and half hours to finish sketching and then another hour to color and shade. This lesson will show you how to draw Abomination from The Incredible Hulk step by step. I will be back in a bit with more drawing fun so stay tuned all for my return.