How to sketch and shade a leaf

Artist: Alexasue / July 11, 2013

Step 1.

With a carbon sketch pencil draw a line and a pentagon around it

Step 2.

With a hb charcoal pencil lightly sketch the leaf inside the pentagon

Step 3.

Erase pentagon and thicken stem with an hb charcoal pencil

Step 4.

With a 6b charcoal pencil add a shadow under the leaf, and blend softly with finger, and highlight with kneaded rubber

Step 5.

With a 4b pencil add shadows on surface leaf and then highlight with kneaded rubber eraser

Step 6.

Use white charcoal to add light areas to the surface of the leaf

Step 7.

Make the ground lighter behind the shadow with white charcoal and blend lightly with finger

Step 8.

Using a 2b and a 4b pencil make the background dark shade shadows on leaf.

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Artist: Alexasue
Date Added: July 11, 2013
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Description: Hey guys I am going to show you today how to sketch and shade a leaf with carbon, and charcoal.