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How to draw an Italian scene

Artist: Alexasue / July 13, 2013
How to draw an Italian scene

Step 1.

Take a 9b pencil (I recommend prismacolor, Cretacolor, or Generals) and start sketching some basic shapes

Step 2.

Now we are going to draw the fountain.

Step 3.

Next we are going to add windows to the buildings (shading and details of the windows will come later). we are also doing the ground in this step you are drawing rectangles and squares.

Step 4.

Now we are going to add details to the windows and add a couple of benches and trees, and a little shading.

Step 5.

Now we see that everything is starting to come together now we are going to add more shading with a 8b and a 9b pencil.

Step 6.

Next we are going to add details and shading to the buildings, and after u add details shade the buildings with an 8b pencil and smudge lightly. If it comes out too dark use the kneaded rubber eraser.

Step 7.

Now your done :)

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Artist: Alexasue
Date Added: July 13, 2013
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Description: Hey guys how's everyone doing? I'm going to teach you how to draw a scene