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How to Draw the Iron Spider-Man

Artist: katouuchiha / July 25, 2010
How to Draw the Iron Spider-Man

Step 1.

First, draw the guidelines of his head and shoulders along with his torso.

Step 2.

Next, draw the guidelines to the arms and hands along with the head.

Step 3.

Then, draw the guidelines of his legs and feet. When drawing the left leg make sure to draw it shorter and smaller that the other because it is coming out in 3D.

Step 4.

After that, draw his two golden gauntlets and his left arm. When drawing the arm don't make it too big and buff. We're not drawing Hulk here.

Step 5.

Clean up the guidelines around the left arm and the gauntlet areas and add a little more muscle to Spidey's left arm also. When finished with the left arm go ahead draw the right arm but sort of supported by the right leg's guidline. After both the   

Step 6.

Clean up the right arm and draw the outline of his torso and draw the insignia. Remember none of the legs on the insignia spider touch eacother.

Step 7.

Clean up the guidlines around the torso and hands and draw the legs. Now these are pretty big but don't over do them. After the legs draw the golden boots.

Step 8.

Then clean up your whole drawing and there you have it the Iron Spider-Man!

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Artist: katouuchiha
Date Added: July 25, 2010
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Description: Hello everyone one on Dragoart.com! This is my first tutorial on the site and I really think it's a good one. Today I'm going to teach you how to draw the Iron Spider-Man. Many Spidey fans know how later on in the life of Peter Parker, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) builds the Webhead a new suite made of the same material and with the same paint job as his. Although, Peter custimized still symbolize who he was so there wasn't two Iron Mans flying around. So, I hope you enjoy this tutorial guys!