How to Draw Rabbits

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 14, 2010

Step 1.

We're going to work from top to bottom, so we'll start with the ears and work our way down to their cute little tails. There are three average types of ears that you normally see on a rabbit. There is big and floppy, short and pointy or long and roun   

Step 2.

Next will be noses. First we have a simplistic 'x' shaped mouth and nose, great for very simple styles. Then we have a cartoony look, the cheeks more defined and a line for a chin added. Now onto a more detailed look, shaping the nose more and adding   

Step 3.

Now onto their little feet. their front paws are small, almost like those of a cat. But their hind legs and feet are long, built with strong muscles that help them jump and hop.

Step 4.

Finally we have the tail. There are also different types of tails just as their are ears. We have a small just round fuzzy bump at the end of the tailbone. Then we have the cartoony cotton ball like tail. We also have a deer like tail that stick up,    

Step 5.

And now we're going to practice drawing a rabbit. First we'll start with two circles, one small with a larger one under it. Then we'll add another small circle in the back for the hind leg muscles. From their we'll add lines for where the legs will b   

Step 6.

Next we'll map out his face and define the shape of the rabbit a little, adding lines for the ears. We'll also choose the shape of the tail now.

Step 7.

Now we'll add the ears and sketch out all the details for the rabbit, making him look somewhat furry, fuzzing out the tail and adding toes. We'll draw out the shape of the eyes and add more definition to the nose and mouth.

Step 8.

Lastly, we can finalize our rabbit. Don't worry about doing perfect lines around the rabbit, do short strokes to give it a furry huggable feel. And there you have it. I hope it helps and I wish you luck.

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Description: Here is a tutorial on how to draw rabbits. I've included some helpful tips to help you draw their cute little features