How to Draw Pooh

Artist: Dawn / July 15, 2010

Step 1.

To draw Pooh Bear, all you need to do first is draw a circle for his round head, and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw the round shape of his belly, and then draw a connecting line from the head, down to the body like so.

Step 2.

Now you will begin drawing out the actual shape of Pooh's head which includes the ears and all. When that is done begin drawing out the collar for his shirt, and then the sleeve lines.

Step 3.

Color in two dots for his eyes, and then color in a round nose. Finish drawing out his shirt, and then begin drawing the arms which are crossed over one and other like so.

Step 4.

For your last drawing step, all you need to do is give Pooh a smiling grin, and then some eyebrows. Lastly, draw out the rest of his plump body, and then both of his legs and feet. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.

Step 5.

When all is said and done, this is how your lovable bear looks. All you need to do now is color him in and that is it!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 15, 2010
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Description: I have a special treat for all you Winnie the Pooh fans. Yesterday, I wanted to draw something special that meant a lot to my mother, and my sister. As you know I have uploaded lessons on almost all of the characters that live in the Hundred Acre Woods. For my third lesson, I will be showing you guys "how to draw Pooh", step by step. I know I have two other tutorials on this lovable, cuddly bear, but I felt it was time to draw yet another version. The decision not only stems from my mother and sister, I also feel that my drawing skills have gotten better over the past couple of years. Because of that, I wanted to draw a new and improved version of Pooh Bear that shows how incredibly cute he really is. Next time, I will draw another version of Pooh with him holding one of his beloved things of all, a jar of honey. We all know how much Winnie loves honey, and all the depths he would go through just to get his jars filled up again even if it means getting chased or stung by a few hundred bees. Anyway, I had a lot of fun when I was drawing this character, which means you too should have fun when it comes to learning "how to draw Pooh", step by step. If there is another character you would like to see as a lesson, just drop me a line and I will fill your request to the best of my ability. Until next time folks, keeps those pencils moving, and your days bright. Peace!