How to Draw Folds

Artist: estheryu1981 / November 29, 2010

Step 1.

First, and far-most, you'll be needing models to draw the clothes on. This procedure will be needing to take part for practicing. Establish the guidelines for the characters to get started.

Step 2.

Sketch the bodies for the characters, considering to taking care while drawing the poses. You don't need to create them perfectly, but knowing how they are moving, will effect the movement of the clothes.

Step 3.

Create the faces and expressions, making sure you know what your character will appear. Add the clothing and evaluate how they will seem with the working body poses.

Step 4.

Here's a tip for drawing the fold's detail. Take a look at the sample picture shown. The pink colored lines are the folds direction, and how they should be acted upon the position of the body(s). The blue arrows guide you on the direction for placing   

Step 5.

With patience, time, and practice, this should be your outcome. Erase un-needed guidelines and you're all set!

Step 6.

Uh-oh! Here is a spiffy sample showing how folds/ruffles should be drawn. Steps 1-4 show the step by step for creating the folds = 1= Begin by establishing a few squiggly lines. It's similar to writing with an "S"; playing with the direction in    

Step 7.

A-E I show you a few guides on drawing folds in different manors. Depict the motion of the clothes like foretold in the previous steps.

Step 8.

Remember what the arrows are for and the pinkish-red lines.

Step 9.

With initial clean up, you're totally done!

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Artist: estheryu1981
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Description: Hello again, here with another tut that will satisfy your artistic needs! In this tutorial, I will be showing you “<em><strong>how to draw folds</em></strong>”, step by step. Take references of clothing and observe on how force acts upon them. When you move and you're wearing clothes, the clothing will act with your movements. Imagine if you were wearing stiff clothes? You'd wouldn't be able to move! In this tut, I break down the most important essentials of folds so you can accompany yourself with drawing them better! Anyways, I have to submit more of my tutorials that you'll definitely love! Thanks so much for viewing and have fun with learning to “<em>draw folds in clothes</em>”. Good luck, I hope you'll get better at folds with this awesome tut! Don't forget to leave feedback on how you accomplished your drawings by using tutorial tutorial.