How to Draw a Ninja

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As you can see this first steps looks really simple. All you will do is draw out the guidelines ans shapes to form a frame for the ninja in action. First make a circle for the head and then a circle for the shoulder. You will then draw a square box s   


Now in this step you will then add the facial guidelines and start shaping out your ninja's body. You will first thicken the sword and then work on sketching out the shape of the arms that are wearing a loose fit suit. Make some lines for the fingers   


You will now sketch in the shape of the torso as shown to you here and then the shape of the right arm. The lining of the left leg and foot are next as well as the shape of the lower leg ion the right.You will then draw the shape of the face inside o   


You will notice that your ninja is starting to take form. You will now draw the shape of the hand pad on his right hand and then the rest of his left arm. Detail and shape out the head gear as well as the face by adding in the eyes and eyebrows. You    


This is your last drawing step. So what you will do next is finish drawing out the sword and then give this ninja some eyeballs and pupils and a hint of a nose coming threw the mask a bit. You will then erase all the guidelines and shapes that you dr   


When you are done your drawing should come out looking like this. Now you can color him in any color from the three color pattern choice; black, white, or deep green. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a ninja step by step. I will be ba   

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September 22, 2008

Description: Well it’s a new day and I am back with a new tutorial. I was thinking that there are so many people on here that absolutely love ninjas. There is this one kid I talk too that is on my friends list (you know who you are) that drew some really cool ninja characters that I thought were awesome. So because of that, I was inspired yesterday to show you all how to draw a ninja step by step. Now as we all know, the typical ninja (that we as people know) dress in an all black suit. But in all reality the ninja only wear one of three colors which are either black: this color is used when they have mission during nighttime hours, white: which was used when missions took place in the winter, and a deep green color that almost looks black: they wore this color when missions were carried out in the woods. The actual name of a ninja suit is a “shinobi shozoko”. The shinobi shozoko covers the body completely except for a small portion of the face and a small portion of the hands. The ninja wore these special shoes called “tabi boots” which aided them to climb ropes and scaling walls. These boots have a split between the big toe and are almost like wearing sandals or flip flops. They fight with a variety of weapons that include; a ninja sword, nunchakus, shuriken or ninja stars, gunpowder, smoke bombs, chigiriki, blow guns and darts, ashikos (which are spiked claws that they wear on the bottom of their feet. This tool enables the ninja to climb faster and really hurt his enemy when kicked). There are so many more ninja weapons that are used by these skilled warriors. I say warrior because the ninja is a Japanese trained warrior that specializes in martial arts, and a variety of other techniques such as; assassination, espionage, stealth, camouflage, and an expert in weaponry. This tutorial will show you how to draw a ninja step by step. This tutorial has easy to follow directions and steps making it that much more possible for anybody to tackle. I will be back again with more drawing fun in a bit so stay tuned.

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