How to Draw a Ninja Skull

Artist: Dawn / August 25, 2009

Step 1.

Start with a circle for the shape of the skulls head. You will then add the facial gudielines and two curled like lines for the ties.

Step 2.

Next thing to do in this second step is sketch out the shape of the brow lines which are slanted downward for a mean look. Draw a crinkle or crease in between the brows and then thicken the lining as you see here.

Step 3.

You will draw the front line for the ninja head mask and then add more definition for the brow shape which is another set of slanted lines above the lower brow line. Sketch in some wrinkle lines as well as shading that area in as drawn out for you he   

Step 4.

You will now sketch out the shape of the skulls face which is pretty bony and sucked in. Define the cheek bones and then draw out the shape and style of the ninja face mask. Add some detailing to the mask and face as you see here.

Step 5.

You will now sketch out the shape of the long toes that are blowing off to the left hand side and then add some crease and wrinkle lines in front of the head mask as you see here. You will also make sure that the tips of the ties look beaten or worn.   

Step 6.

Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do now is draw out the circle shape for the ying yang and color one side of it in. Also, add some holes to the ends of the ninja mask ties and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that yo   

Step 7.

When you are done your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. All you need to do now is choose some shades and color it in. I hope you had fun with this lesson on "how to draw a ninja skull step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 25, 2009
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Description: I have a cool tutorial on the way and I know you guys will love it. I haven’t really submitted any cool skulls lately except for that Halloween skull. So I decided that I should draw another cool skull that everyone can enjoy. I am going to give you a lesson on “how to draw a ninja skull” step by step. The ninja are very skilled fighters and I respect their art very much. The skull that I drew looks totally awesome. It has the ninja mask and all with a nice ying yang symbol above the brow. The loose tie band is blowing off to the left hand side and the skull looks like it means business. The background is colored with a black canvas, and there is red flames rising behind the ninja skull as you can see. The ends of the ties are ripped a bit with some wear and tear holes to suggest that this ninja has been around the block and in plenty fights. The ninja fights with honor, skill and passion. I like the eyes and everything about the ninja skull that I drew yesterday. I still have a few more tutorials to upload so keep your eyes open for those. In the mean time you should tackle this lesson on “how to draw a ninja skull step by step”. Well I got to make like a tree and leave this place for now so peace out peeps and happy drawing. Oh yeah, don't forget to rate and comment on all the lessons on