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How to Draw a Cobra Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / February 24, 2010
How to Draw a Cobra Tattoo

Step 1.

As with all snake drawing lessons, you will start the first step by drawing a circle for the head, and a connecting line that flows from the head, to the end of the tail. This shape looks like a cursive "L".

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the bold shaped cobra head starting with the mouth opening and then draw the long lining from the brow, to the back which will later form the flared rib of the snake.

Step 3.

Next you will draw in the lumps for the nostrils, and then draw the evil shapes of the cobra eyes. Detail between the eyes, and then draw the shape of the head, and start the lining process for the snakes horns.

Step 4.

Finish sketching out the horn, and then draw the shape of the cobra's cheek and or face. Darken the lining and add some shading. Now you will need to draw the beginning line for the slithering body.

Step 5.

Draw and color in the nostril holes, and then start drawing the inside of the venomous mouth. You will do this by first drawing the fangs, and then draw the hissing tongue. Thicken the lining so that it looks bold, and then color in the inside of the   

Step 6.

Add minor detailing to the tongue and mouth, and then start sketching out the underbelly of the cobra's body as you see here. To emphatic on the body, make the lines bold, and bright.

Step 7.

Add some tribal detailing inside of the rib cage, and then draw more of the snakes body out. Notice that this cobra has a robust body shape. Thicken your lines and move to the last drawing step.

Step 8.

All you have to do now is finish drawing the belly, and then add the detailing lines. Next, draw the rest of the tail, and if you are following this tutorial verbatim, you will also need to give your cobra a spear tipped tail. Erase the guidelines an   

Step 9.

When your drawing is done your should end up with a cobra tattoo that looks like the one you see here. Color it in and your done. This was a fun, and exciting lesson wasn't it? Be sure to join me again for more drawing fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 24, 2010
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Description: This is going to be the last installment of cool designs that I drew yesterday. For my third tutorial I will take you on a colorful ride as I teach you “how to draw a cobra tattoo, step by step”. The cobra is a very sought after animal design that has been popular for decades. These snakes are connected to so many pieces of fashion art especially when it comes to motorcycles, skateboards, helmets, and yes, tattoos. The color of blue I used makes the reptile have a distinctive look that can go both ways. Either you get a chill when you look at the design because of the icy color, or your depiction of the color is more of a burning blue shade that comes from the bottom of a flame. The eyes have flames for pupils, and the fangs are drawn to exaggerate the fierceness of the powerful cobra's bite. This would make an excellent tattoo design for a forearm, calf, shoulder, back, or chest. Out of all the snakes I have drawn, this is one of my favorite. I know for a fact that you guys will love this tutorial that teaches you to draw a cobra tattoo step by step. Just think, if you keep practicing your tattoo drawing skills, you will be as good as “Ed Hardy”. If you're wondering who Ed Hardy is, he is a famous vintage tattoo designer that has been around for years. I will be back soon because I still have three more tutorials to upload including the fish that I didn't submit yesterday. Stick around because I bet you will see a character from one of your favorite shows. Peace people, and happy drawing.