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How to Draw a Cartoon Vulture

Artist: Dawn / July 28, 2009
How to Draw a Cartoon Vulture

Step 1.

This first step is not really a step at all but more of a helpful tip. There is three parts that I talk about when explaining how to draw a cartoon vulture. To read the tips all you have to do is enlarge the step and read what it says.

Step 2.

Let's start this real first step by drawing a circle for the head and then a banana like shape for the beak. You will then add the line for the neck and then attach it to the egg shaped body. Draw the clawed feet and move to the next step.

Step 3.

Now all you have to do is start drawing out the actual shape of the head and then draw the arched shape of the beak.

Step 4.

Sketch out some pieces of hair on the head and then sketch out the feathers that are bunched up around the lower part of the neck. Once that is complete you will sketch out the droplets of blood that is on the tip of the beak. Next begin sketching ou   

Step 5.

Sketch out the shape of the wing and then draw out the feet as you see them here. Once that is done you will sketch in some feather detailing and then begin to draw out the branch that the vulture is sitting on.

Step 6.

This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is finish sketching out the length of the tail and then draw out the tree branch and all the bark detailing that is on it. Once that is done you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes tha   

Step 7.

When you are done your vulture should look like the one you see here. Color it in and you are now done with this tutorial on "how to draw a cartoon vulture step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 28, 2009
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Tags: draw cartoons, draw cartoon animals, draw a bird, how to draw a cartoon animal, how to draw a vulture, draw vultures
Description: Another cartoon lesson on the way and this time it is going to be on a vulture. I am going to show you "how to draw a cartoon vulture", step by step. I already have a tutorial on a regular vulture and that came out pretty sweet. What I want to show you how to draw now, is going to be a simple approach to learning how to draw something in a matter of minutes. The vulture is probably seen as one of the worlds most dirty scavenger birds around. I really like the way this bird came out looking because it conveys everything that a vulture is. The drawing is going to be so easy to replicate because it is laid out with simple to follow steps and easy to read instructions. When you are done you will find that learning "how to draw a cartoon vulture" step by step, is probably one of the coolest cartoon animals you will ever draw. By the way, I added some blood at the tip of the vultures beak to make him look mean and unapproachable. I hope you like this submission, I will be back with more drawing fun in a bit. Adios amigos and happy drawing.