How to Draw a Pansy

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All you have to do for a beginning step is draw out a large circle and add some guidelines in the middle like you see here.


The next thing you will do is sketch out the shapes of the petals like you see here. Notice how the lower petal is larger, and covers more area. This is a genetic trait that pansies carry. The two smaller petals are overpowered by the larger lower pe   


Next, draw in the two top petals like so, and then draw out the leafy parts of the pansy. The leaves should have a mild serrated edge like you see here.


To finish off your drawing all you have to do is sketch in the inner lining like so, and then add some texture definition and detail to each petal and leave. When that's all set, you can start erasing the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


When you are done you should have a beautiful pansy flower like the one you see here. It's now time to color it in using one of your favorite shades.

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September 13, 2010

Description: Well, after the lesson I uploaded on pansies, someone asked if I could do a tutorial on just "how to draw a pansy". Since I already talked about these pretty spring and summer flowers, I will talk about how easy this tutorial will be. Just because fall is almost here, that doesn't mean you have to stop drawing your favorite type of flower. I love creating new sketches on all sorts of different flower species especially the real fragrant types of flowers like roses, lilacs, and carnations. The great thing about drawing pansies, is the fact they are so easy to replicate. I literally had so much fun sketching out this purple beauty, and I know you will too. Pansies are a type of flower that comes in so many different colors, and one of the prettiest things about the colored pansy, is the centers. You see, if you look at some vivid pictures of pansies, you will find that in the ones that are pink, purple, orange, and so forth, they have these white starbursts in the center. This not only intensifies the bold colors, it also gives the pansy a sense of desire. Even though these wildflowers can grow almost anywhere, and they don’t have that much of a smell, I think you will still enjoy learning from this lesson on "how to draw a pansy", step by step. You can color in the flower any shade you wish, but when you are done, upload your drawing so that it is added to artwork section of the site. That’s all for this tutorial description, join me again real soon for more drawing fun.

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