How to Draw a Hippo

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Okay first what you are going to do is make two circles. One regular circle for the head and on oblong circle for his body.


Next draw the lining for the bottom half of his nose/mouth. This part of the sketch looks like a butt. Then draw two more circles for the hippos legs. If you notice on the far back of the sketch start to shape his body.


As you can see the hippo has stubby legs, so the circles that you drew for his legs were actually a base for his feet too. Move up to the face and give the hippo some nostrils and one eye. In this sketch he has his eye closed.


What you are going to do in this part of the drawing is define his head and start adding some blubber to his neck and hind leg.


Add more blubber detail to the hippos neck and add an ear for him to hear.


As you can see the hippo is taking form. and is practically done all you do here is add toe nails more blubber definition and erase the frame lines from your sketch.


There you have it a finished hippo all that you need to do here if you want is color him. After it's all done you should come out with this finished product. Good job

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January 7, 2008

Description: Who is the Hippopotamus related to exactly? That is an interesting question that needs to be answered. The hippo’s closet relative is in fact that of several other mammals. One relative kinda resembles this wide load which is the pig; other relatives are whales and dolphins. The hippo is also the heaviest land animal next to the elephant, wow! The hippo is in fact a safari animal along with the elephant. Another cool fact I want to share with everyone is that hippo’s don’t actually have sweat glands so to protect their skin from burning they secrete a thick red slime from the pores on their body that’s called “blood sweat” because it looks a lot like blood oozing from their skin. I thought it would be sweet to sketch out a tutorial on a massive animal that sweats blood. It took me about 4 hours just to sketch the hippo and another two to draw the hippo in Photoshop. The most difficult task with drawing this particular animal was his blubber. I had to make it look fat and thick at the same time along with giving the appearance of the skin being loose. Once I scanned the image into my comp I found it a bit tricky outlining the lines to create the tutorial, but over all I’m happy with the way it came out. In this tutorial on how to draw a hippo I tried to make the steps as simple as possible. I had no luck finding instructions on how to draw a hippo online so I created my own. So here you go enjoy and don’t get too stressed.

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