How to Draw a Dagger

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Start this first step by drawing out two basic guidelines and one shape. The shape you will draw is a small sized circle for the skulls head shape. Next draw a long straight line for the dagger's blade. Lastly draw the hand guard and add a swirl or c   


In this next easy step you will draw out the shape of the handle and then the wide shape of the blade. Once that is done you will draw out the shape of the hand guard make sure you detail it as well by adding a line on each side of the swirl shapes t   


In this third step you will start drawing out the shape of the skull by adding the cheeks and then the small teeth. Once that is done begin drawing out the lines for the flames that wrap around the entire dagger starting at the top of the blade and w   


This is your last drawing step. All you will have to do here is draw out the holes of the eyes, add the brow definition lines, and then draw out the horizontal lines that are layered on the handle. You will then draw out the shape of the flames and t   


Once your done with your drawing you should have something that looks like this. All you have to do now is color it in and you have just learned how to draw a cool looking dagger tattoo step by step.

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January 25, 2009

Description: Well the numbers keep going and going it seems with each passing day brings more drawings lessons for your enjoyment. For my first tutorial of the day I thought I would do another tattoo on an object that I have not yet submitted. I will show you how to draw a dagger step by step. Now with this dagger I wanted to combine some things that I think is pretty cool. First I wanted to add a skull somewhere on the handle. So because of that, I put it at the top of the handle with the mouth opening on the ball part. The next thing I wanted to do is incorporate some cool looking flames either on the dagger or somewhere in the background. Because I wanted both, I drew some flames wrapping around the dagger’s blade and then I used tools from Photoshop to draw out and add flames in the background. All the flames, the skull, and dagger where very simple to draw which means you should have no problem drawing this dagger tattoo design as well. I figured that daggers are a very common tattoo that men usually get on their shoulders, back, arms and sometimes on their calves. Once you learn how to draw this dagger you should be able to draw any other dagger you want to draw. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to draw a dagger tattoo step by step. I will be back in a while with more drawing fun so stay tuned and keep your eyes open.

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