How to Draw a Ballerina

Artist: Dawn / April 13, 2009

Step 1.

You will start by drawing a ballerina dancing frame as shown to you here. First draw a circle for her head and then add the neck line. From the end of the neck line you will draw another circle for her chest followed by a waist line. Connect the wais   

Step 2.

Now that the first step is drawn out you can start adding the shapes of her limbs. Start with a small circle for her shoulder and then draw out her thigh shapes and the lower part of the ballerinas legs as shown to you here.

Step 3.

You will now sketch out the side shape of her pretty face. Since her neck is arched back you have to draw her hair like it is being blown head on with a fan. You can make any kind of hair style you wish, I chose a lone hair style. Next draw her neck    

Step 4.

In this next step you will start drawing the ballerina's arms and hands as shown to you here. Once that is done draw in her jaw and chin bone line as well as detail and define her eyes. Add some detail under her arm to emphasize on her pit as well.

Step 5.

Here you will start sketching out the ballerina's tutu. All you have to do is draw a disc shape for the bottom and then draw out her figure. Finish off her hands by drawing the fingers the way you see it done in this fifth step on how to draw a balle   

Step 6.

This is your last drawing step and what you will do first is draw the line to separate the top of the tutu and her chest. Finish drawing the ruffled part of the dancers dress and then add the ruffle lines to make it look stiff and puffy. Finish drawi   

Step 7.

This is what your finished sketch should look like when you are completely done. All you have to do now is choose a shade to color her in with. I hope you guys had a butt load of fun learning how to draw a ballerina dancer step by step. I know I did.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 13, 2009
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Description: I really had a fun drawing this next tutorial that I am about to submit. For a long time now I wanted to do a lesson on "how to draw a ballerina", step by step but never got around to doing it till now. I was inspired to draw this female character because my younger sister has been watching Angelina Ballerina for the past three weeks. She watches it so much that I am starting to enjoy the children’s cartoon that airs on PBS Kids. Anyways the word ballerina comes from the Italian language and it means female dancer. The whole art of ballet started in the fifteenth century in the renaissance courts of Italy and then later in the French courts during the seventeenth century. The dancing was so beautiful and memorizing that ballet dancing developed in England, and Russia. Ballerina dancers started out as being females, but as the ballet became more and more aristocratic, male leads started to be seen in stage plays through out Europe. Nowadays little girls across the globe dream of being a ballet dancer one day as did many of the young ladies back in the olden times. To be a skilled ballerina meant that a young woman would have to undergo extensive training in the ballet field. The same strict principles still apply when pursuing a career in ballet dancing. There are several schools that one can apply to, to get the training and education needed to gain a future toward ones dreams. One of the most prestigious schools today is The Juilliard School of dance, drama, and music located in New York. So if you are someone that dreams of being a skilled ballerina one day you have to make sure you are physically, mentally, and emotionally strong enough to do so. I guess until you get there you can tackle this tutorial on "how to draw a ballerina", step by step. Maybe after you are done with the sketch you can color her in to resemble yourself (if you’re a girl that is). I know you will enjoy this lesson because it is easy enough for anyone to learn from.