How to Draw Toothless Stitch


Make two odd shapes and these shapes will be used for the head and body.


Use the head guide and draw the shape and structure for Toothless' head. There should also be horns and ears which are the mounds on his head.


Now we will draw a mask line that will be used to frame Stitch's face.


You will basically draw the face of Stitch in this step. That should include the nose and mouth as well.


Add the shape of his neck and then draw in Toothless' front legs to look like stitches arms and hands.


Continue on to draw the body next. When you do this you need to draw the legs and feet as well as add the detailing to the pads of his feet.


Let's draw Toothless' tail and draw a fin tail tip instead of something extravagant. To end this step just draw in the scales.


We will erase the guidelines before you draw in the wings. When that is done erase your mistakes.


Here is the line art when finished. Now you can color in the drawing so you have a Toothless and Stitch combined creation.

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August 12, 2015

Description: If you look back on two of your favorite male characters that where created by Disney who have a lasting affect on you who would those characters be? Someone said that a fusion between Stitch and Toothless would make a cool tutorial. So here it is, how to draw Toothless Stitch, step by step. I strongly agreed with the person who suggested this lesson. I too love Stitch and Toothless and to me they are also my two favorite Disney characters. Stitch is much older than Toothless, but they both have the same role in their own stories. I love how this design came out and I know many, many people will have a blast with this tut.

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