How to Draw Anime Eyes


First, begin by drawing the top eyelid and the eye circle.


Now, draw the bottom half of the eyelid.


Then, draw the eyelashes shown here.


Next up is the drawing of the eyelid line.


Now is the eyebrows. Notice that the eyebrows on females should be thin. Mine shown here are a little thick but not as bushy as male eyebrows are. They should also get thick to thin as they expand farther away from the eye. Also, the curved lines ins   


Congrats on finishing your drawing of a pair of female anime eyes!! You've finished that part but here comes the hardest part. Coloring. As you can see through out this entire tut, I've been using a digital program to color/draw. This program is Gimp   


Begin by taking a slightly darker shade of the color you've chosen and apply it over the curve we drew a few steps ago and towards the very top. The shade should somewhat contrast with the first color. So, basically, the shade shouldn't blend with th   


Now, if you're using a program, use the blending tool to blend the two shades together. It should form a smooth transition to each other as shown in the picture. For non-programers, you can skip this step, unless, you have a color blender (some color   


Begin with the lighter shades now. Take some white and apply to the bottom portion that should be the lighest of the eye so far. If you can blend, do so and go to step 10 after.


Then, make the pupil darker. If you can use a program, use the "Burn" tool and adjust the size to make it fit the pupil. Apply about a few clicks and that should be fine. Anyone doing color pencils or any other artist material, apply harder pressure    


Now, just add in your eyeshines and lighten the bottom half a little bit more. After this is done, you are finished. =) I hope you all enjoyed and learned how to draw and color anime eyes. My next will be anime boy eyes and coloring (maybe). Below in   


This is my "in the works" tutorial half of my dark angel. She'll be posted around next to mid week. Might have to fix her hair/skin and yes, these are the eyes you did in the tut. Just reusing stuff for tuts lol XD

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June 18, 2012

Description: I've been off for a week and came back to share another tut with you guys! This one is 'how to draw anime FEMALE eyes.' I'll upload a how to draw male anime eyes later. But in the mean time, this is female eyes. In this, it also teaches you how to color anime eyes as well. I was lazy to put it in the title part but oh well!! Anyways, I hope you all like my 'anime eyes' tut and my other previous tuts as well. PS: I'm getting a lot better with using Gimp. It's starting to become easier with practice. =)

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