How to Draw a Simple Manga Girl Face

Artist: Lucky / June 23, 2012

Step 1.

So first off, instead of a circle, draw a rectangle with no top

Step 2.

Draw a line down the middle until you reach the desired length of the chin. Then draw the chin.

Step 3.

Draw the guidelines for the eyes. Then draw an upside-down triangle for the mouth. Finally, draw a rough sketch of the top of the head,

Step 4.

Draw the insides of the eyes. I find it easier to draw the pupil, then the light glare. However, you can draw it whichever way is most comfortable to you.

Step 5.

Draw the bangs over the face. Don't worry about neatness. Remember, your bangs can't all face one direction. There should be an evident split. Mine come straight down, but a lot of manga art has windswept bangs. For windswept bangs, even with the evi   

Step 6.

You're almost done!For the rest of the hair, use short,fast strokes. You can make your hair point outwards, come straight down, or point inwards like mine. If the bangs didn't come out that great in the previous step, now's your time to fix it.

Step 7.

Now clean up all the extra lines. Lastly, add the nose, one tiny line in the middle of the face. You can color, or leave it black and white. Don't forget to comment!

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Artist: Lucky
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Description: Hey Everybody! This is my first tutorial, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy!