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How to Draw a Simple Anime Eye

Artist: Zenna / January 3, 2012
How to Draw a Simple Anime Eye

Step 1.

First draw the guideline for the main eye (if you are using this for a male character make it smaller)

Step 2.

Than draw in the upper eyelash and lower eyelash, make sure not to make the bottom one to thick or it will look a bit weird (and for male make them slimmer).

Step 3.

Now draw the iris, when you draw is leave a little of it not showing to make it look real (and again for the male make it smaller).

Step 4.

Draw in the highlights in for a nice shiny look, you can make these ane way you want depending on the lighting in the room, but remember not to put to many unnecessary highlights in.

Step 5.

When you draw in the pupil it looks best to have a little portion of it covered by the highlights, but I would not recommend covering ofer one half of it ( in the male eye this should also be smaller).

Step 6.

Now colour the pupil and the eye lashes in and you should be done!

Step 7.

This is the finished product you can colour in the eye if you want, I hoped you injoyed it!

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Artist: Zenna
Date Added: January 3, 2012
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Tags: how to draw simple, draw eyes, draw anime eyes
Description: this is my first tut on drago art so I hope you like it! In this tutorial you will learn "<strong>how to draw a simple anime eye</strong>". I use this in some of my work and have relised that this eye can be used in multiple characters, to fit it for a boy make it slimer and make the iris smaller. I hope you finde this usefull in your work good luck!