How to Draw Blue Oak


Like always we will start with making some basic shapes to form a workable guide. Begin with making the head, then draw out the torso. Sketch in the facial guidelines then draw the arm and hand guide.


Up next, using the facial guide begin sketching out the actual shape or structure for Blue's face. Draw in the shape of the ear, then sketch in the bangs.


Finish drawing the hairstyle which is a long spiked mess. It's actually supposed to look like it does because that is the style he rocks.


Use the facial guidelines to make the shapes of the eyes, nose and mouth. Also draw the eyebrows and detailing inside of the ear.


Here you will begin drawing the upper body starting with the skinny neck, then draw out the folded flaps for his shirt collar.


Complete the shape of the torso by drawing the angled shoulders, then body shape which is the sleeves and shirt.


Here you will draw out the belt and then the hips for the thighs.


Add detailing to the belt or pouch and then add definition to the pants which will also make two legs.


Draw the right arm, then move to step ten.


You can now draw the other arm which is the left arm, then draw the hand which is in an open state. Add the wristbands, then move to step eleven.


Draw the Pokeball, then erase the mistakes and guides that you made along the way.


Here is the line art for your drawing of Blue Oak or just Blue. Color him in and you are all done.

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January 9, 2014

Description: I am back again with another Pokemon character and this time it's not a species. I got a couple requests to make lessons on two different figures from the Pokemon series. The first one we will tackle is a lesson on "how to draw Blue Oak", step by step. Blue Oak or 'Blue' made his debut appearance in Pokémon Red and Blue. Since I don't follow the series anymore, I am not familiar with this character or his background. I do know that he has some rivals, but unfortunately that is all I know. Drawing Blue or Blue Oak should be pretty simple, I have another figure from the same series coming up next so stay tuned in.

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