How to Draw Demon Cat from Adventure Time


Start off with a couple guide shapes like so. Attach the two shapes with a neck guide.


Draw the shape of Demon Cat's face like so then draw in the small ears.


Next, draw the back part of the head and then sketch out the front part of the body which is the chest and some of the small spikes or bumps on the body.


Here we will draw the first front leg which is cut from being a whole piece. The three toes should also be webbed out and add a little definition to the chest.


Draw in the other front leg, then add definition to the leg to add texture.


Draw in more of Demon Cat's body along with the odd bone like strand that flows around the back and belly.


Draw the back end of Demon Cat's body and also draw in the first back leg which like the front leg is also severed.


To complete the body formation all you have to do is draw in the other back leg. Add two small bumps which protrude through the skin.


Before you really finish off this lesson all you have to do is draw the tail which forks at the end. You are done with the body at this point.


Draw in the eyes, mouth and rest of Demon Cat's face. Add detailing to the cheeks and between the eyes. Erase all the mistakes and guides that you made.


Here is what your drawing looks like when you are done. Color in Demon Cat so you can show off your finished drawing.

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April 10, 2014

Description: I haven't done any lessons on Adventure Time characters in a while so here is one for you all now. Up next we will learn "how to draw Demon Cat", step by step. This cat is blue or teal in color and has yellow colored eyes. It is said that Demon Cat is supposed to be a parody character to that of Displacer Beast from Dungeons and Dragons. Anyways, drawing this foul creature should be fun especially if you like Adventure Time as much as I do. I shall return with other fun lessons for you all so be sure to stay tuned in.

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