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How to Draw Phil Anselmo From Pantera

Artist: DuskEyes969 / September 28, 2014
How to Draw Phil Anselmo From Pantera

Step 1.

Sketch the basic shape of the body . Be sure to leave space on the left side.

Step 2.

Draw the outlines of his head as well as the eye nose mouth and ear.

Step 3.

Now outline his left arm .

Step 4.

Finish with the right arm and the microphone .

Step 5.

Now your sketch should look like this, ignore the tattoo on the head , I made that just as a doodle .

Step 6.

Before going into detailing anything , make an overall layer of shadow . His skin tone is light and it will be enhanced by the black background in the end. Use a very light pencil for the first layer .

Step 7.

Now using a slightly darker pencil make a ......you guessed it, slightly darker layer .

Step 8.

This is the last layer before going into detailed shading on individual parts . The dark thing under his arm is the arms shadow on his abdomen , just in case you were wondering .

Step 9.

You have a base on which you can lay the details , like the little shadows on the face and the hair .

Step 10.

Now move down and shade his right arm and cigarette .

Step 11.

Using a light pencil suggest the hair on his chest and the one in the armpit.

Step 12.

Now use a sharp darker pencil to make the hair more realistic .

Step 13.

Continue with the left arm and the microphone .

Step 14.

Finish the body with his abdomen. The arm shadow is completely black. Don't forget to ad hair on his gut.

Step 15.

This part was particularly tricky since the reference picture I used was not clear enough to distinguish the details of the tattoos , so I had to browse pictures of his tattoos one by one . Sketch his tattoos using a light pencil, don't go into detai   

Step 16.

Once you sketched them you can go on to filling them in .

Step 17.

Finish off with the tattoos on his left arm .

Step 18.

I made the background with a dark 8B pencil, no graphite powder this time since I wanted the darkest background I could get.

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Artist: DuskEyes969
Date Added: September 28, 2014
Steps: 18
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Tags: how to draw realistic, how to draw singers
Description: Hey guys! This is the most awesome tutorial I made so far because it's on the one and only , Mr. Philip Hansen Anselmo ,current vocalist of the band Down and former vocalist of the legendary Pantera . I'm not gonna say much , this man is God, that's all you need to know .Have fun drawing this !