How To Draw a Realistic Watermelon with Oil Pastels


You may start with pencil for an outline, or if you feel you can do it without the outline, start directly with the oil pastel. I used a 108 deep green oil pastel for the outline. Make the circular outside of the watermelon.


Next, shade the top and bottom part of the watermelon with the same 108 deep green oil pastel. Do not shade to dark. Make it as light as possible.


After that, shade with a 488 yellow green oil pastel as shown in the picture and try to do in a way that it mixes with the 108 deep green.


Darken the 108 deep green from where the lines started as shown in the picture so it will get darker and gradually get lighter as it mixes with the 488 yellow green.


Darken the 488 yellow green and extend the strokes further.


Now, shade each individual compartment of the watermelon with a 108 deep green oil pastel but don't darken it too much.


In the remaining areas with no colour, shade with a 236 lemon yellow pastel according to the compartments of the watermelon.


With the 236 lemon yellow colour shade it so it mixes with the rest of the colours


With the 108 deep green darken the edges and starting points of each compartment.


Leaving space at the edges of each compartment, shade with 288 yellow green on top of the 108 deep green in such a way that you can distinguish each compartment of the watermelon.


With a black oil pastel outline the cap of the watermelon and outline the starting points of each compartment as shown in the picture.


Darken the starting points of the 108 deep green and out line each compartment with the deep green in such a way that it looks like it is mixed. With 108 deep green, try to give a circular shape to the watermelon and also use a 478 white oil pastel t   

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October 25, 2014

Description: I'm a new artist to DragoArt. I go by the name of R.A.V. This is my first tutorial on how to draw a realistic watermelon with oil pastels. I will try to post every weekend. If you have any requests please comment and if you like my drawings hit the favourite button. I used three different colours for the oil pastels: 108 deep green, 488 yellow green, 236 lemon yellow, black, and 478 white. You may use whatever you feel is closest to these colours. Thank You, R.A.V

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