How To Draw An Apple Red Ford Lightning Pick Up

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Start this first step by drawing all the guidelines in a row. This will enable you to layout the Ford lightning easily without any mistakes. Start by drawing five lines that go across your sheet of paper that vary in size as shown, then draw two line   


Now here in this step which is step 2 you will draw the outlining of the trucks body. Start at the front part of the truck and draw out the front nose bumper and all. Now draw out the hood and roof of the pick up truck. Square it off at the door and    


In this step which is step 3 you will be sketching out the details on the ford lighting pick up truck. Start at the front and draw the front grill and bottom fender with the fog lights. Then Draw the lining for the driver side door and the door handl   


In this step which happens to be the last you will be drawing out the last minute details of the grill, rims, and lights. Starting in the front draw in the front grill with two lines going across and two going down. Next deepen the light wells in the   


This is what your Ford pick up should look like when you are completely done with your sketch. All that is left to do is color the beauty in red or a color of your choice. This concludes the tutorial on how to draw an apple red ford lightning pick up   

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March 19, 2008

Description: This next tutorial is going to be on the Ford 2008 Lightning pick up. I love this truck because it reminds me of a Ford Mustang but as a truck. Now these round bodied trucks is a great vehicle for men and woman alike. I think these trucks are simply gorgeous and have a nice design and bold quality to them. The specs on the Ford Lightning are pretty impressive as well. The engine configuration on this baby consist of a longitudinally mounted single head cam, a super charged V8 engine, it has a cast iron block, aluminum alloy head, and a forged steel crank shaft. As for the horse power on this lean mean power driving machine, it has a 360 horse power engine at 4,750 rpm; the torque is at 440 pounds a foot at 3,000 rpms. So far the specs on this truck sound good enough for me to marry. I haven’t always been a big trucks fan, but over the years having so many uncles you kind of start liking one particular name brand truck or car. But as far as saying that all I would drive is a Ford is just simply insane. Don’t get me wrong, Ford has some really nice looking vehicles now a day but as far as being built Ford tough that is an understatement. I believe that their motto was carried out during the younger years of the company when there factory’s where still booming, but now that the market is becoming so saturated with so many different makes and models of cars and trucks, it’s hard to sit there and judge which one is better than the other. I think that ford has a wide range of good sturdy powerful long lasting machinery, back then. I mean I had a 1995 Ford Explorer and I swear this truck had more style, and more class, than any newer model out there. The motor itself sounded like a lion it purred when the engine was revved up. If and when I choose to by another 4x4 it will be when the gas prices drop first of all, and secondly I would get another Explorer just because they ride so beautifully, especially the upper 90s models. All in this entire tutorial will show you how to draw an attractive Ford Lightning pick up truck step by step. The instructions are always easy to read and understand. After your done color in the truck any shade you like.

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