How to Draw Dragonite, Dragonite


Begin with a small circle for the head and then draw a neck line. Next, make another shape for the body and move to step two once you add the face guide.


For the next step you will begin sketching out the shape of the head, snout, and some of the back neck. Draw the horn and two antenna that Dragonite has as well.


Okay, this is a very simple task. All that needs to be done in this step is the creation of the two eyes. Next, sketch in some dashes for the nose.


Its now time to draw out the big round body and when you do this just draw from under the nose, out, and down. This will draw a belly and then when that is done you can continue the lining from the back of the head to make the right arm and clawed fi   


You are literally already almost done with this drawing. All you have to do now is draw out the legs, large feet and toes, and then draw in the tail.


Lastly simply draw the small wings on the back of Dragonite and then clean up your work when you are done.


Before finishing the lesson you will need to draw in the belly lines which are horizontal in shape. Once that is done, that's all there is to it, now lets go see how your drawing should look.


Here is the finished line art when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and finish things off by coloring in your drawing. I hope you liked learning how to draw Dragonite.

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September 16, 2011

Description: Dragonair was a well-liked lesson and because of this I was asked to make the last evolution of Dratini and turn it into a tutorial. So here is what a few of you asked for, a lesson on "how to draw Dragonite", step by step. The first thing I noticed about Dragonite is how much it looks like Charizard. There are subtle differences between the two with one of them being the size of the wings, and the personality factor. Both are Dragon types and both are even close to the same color. Now if you are familiar with the 411 on this Pokemon species, you should know that this is the only evolution of Dratini that actually has a pair of arms. Just because they are a bit big, that doesn’t stop Dragonite’s speed or ability to be highly agile. Yes I know their wings are sort of small compared to the size of a Dragonite body, but keep in mind that when they are in flight their wings can expand in size. As far as abilities, well for one thing they are a strong Pokemon type, and when they are pushed too far they will become very aggressive and then all of a sudden, the rampage begins. Some of their attack moves are Flamethrower, water pulse Thunder, and ice beam. Notice how each skill or ability has something to do with nature. NO matter what this is a cool species and I think you will have fun drawing a Pokemon that is both gentle and fierce. So have fun as you "draw Dragonite" using this tutorial. I will be back in a jiff with more drawing fun!

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