How to Draw Human Pikachu, Anime Pikachu


You will begin this drawing like every other drawing you tackle. Start with a head shape like so, and then draw in the facial guidelines as well as the framing for the body and hands.


For this step you will start by making the hat lid line, and then draw in human Pikachu's hair starting with the bangs and then the sides. The tips should be pointed and spear like.


Continue to draw out Pikachu's hat and since this is a human version, the face of the popular Pokemon will be displayed on the hat. Draw in the ear shapes like so, and then make the markings on each tip which will be colored in black later. Color two   


Before making the last few pieces of hair you will first need to sketch out his face structure. Next, draw in the eyes, top lid lines and they should be dark and bold. Draw the eyebrows, nose and mouth and then draw the last pieces of hair strands li   


The face is all done. We will now tackle getting the body drawn in so lets start the process. I think the best way to tackle this tutorial is to draw the sweater collar first, and then draw in the left arm start at the shoulder. Slowly work your way    


Continue to draw out the sweater or torso beginning with the right shoulder. Move down the sleeve as you make some bumps for the wrinkles or folds and then draw the bottom of the sweater as well as the other hand as you see it drawn for you here.


Well guys, you are almost at the end of the lesson. As you can see all that needs to be done to finish off the body is making the legs and or jeans. As you can see this Pikachu is in a sitting pose with his legs bent up. Add some stitch lines along t   


Are you ready to finish drawing human Pikachu? If you are then draw the lightning shaped tail as well as the marking line at the tip. Erase your mistakes as well as the guides you made along the way.


The line art should look similar to the drawing you see here. All that needs to be done now is some awesome coloring. I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial as I did making it.

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January 4, 2012

Description: I’m so excited to start the drawing tutorial day because I will be uploading some really fun and cool lessons for artists of all skill levels. To start things off on an interesting task, I will first show you "how to draw Human Pikachu", step by step. He was such a fun character to draw in human form and I had a lot of fun thinking up ways to turn the adorable Pikachu, into an adorable little boy. Of course there are some things I could have done different, but I think the end results are just perfect. When you tackle this lesson on drawing human Pikachu you can add your own personal tweaks and changes to customize his look into something you imagined him to be in human form. I tried keeping the basic traits of Pikachu like the tail, yellow and black coloring, and the adorable expression on the boy’s face. If you think this human Pokémon figure is cute, wait till you see another game character coming your way that a lot of you will also enjoy drawing. In the meantime have fun with turning Pikachu into a ‘real boy’, and I will get busy with uploading another lesson for you all. Peace out people and don’t forget to rate and comment, thanks.

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