How to Draw a Baby Cheetah, Baby Cheetah

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Begin by making two shapes, one for the head and the other for the body like so. Sketch in the facial guides and move to step two.


Using a fluffy stroke, begin sketching out the actual structure of the baby cheetah's face and head. Draw in the ears and be sure the chin is prominent.


Next, begin drawing out the eyes as you use the facial guidelines you made in step one. The tops of the eyes should be dark, and the pupils should be colored in as they blend with the upper lid. Make the dark crying lines that stream from the inner p   


Here you will sketch in the chest first using the same hair stroke, and then draw the front legs as well as the big kitty paws.


Okay guys, here you will draw out the back, back end, and then the hind leg as well as the belly of the baby cheetah. Don't forget to draw in those toes.


Lastly for this tutorial step, you will need to draw the other back leg like so, as well as the toes and tail. Sketch in some hairy detailing and then start cleaning up your drawing.


Here is your baby cheetah when all is said and done. You can now add the spots and then color in your kitty to perfection.

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January 18, 2012

Description: Here is another baby animal that I said I was going to submit, and no you have never seen this one before. Up next, we will have fun as we learn "how to draw a baby cheetah", step by step. These adorable big cats are one of my favorite species to date. The inspiration to make a baby cheetah came from both my little sister, and from the movie that we watched again, Duma. If you have watched the movie Duma, you will understand why I drew this kitten. A boy finds a cheetah cub on the side of the road after its mother was killed. He and his father take the orphan in, and bring it up as they nurse the little guy to health, and adulthood. There is a lot more to the film, and it’s really a heart touching story. I had a lot of fun drawing the baby cheetah live, and now you too can teach yourself how to make one to add to your baby animal collection. I wanted to keep the concept simple, so what you see is what you get. Wither way you should be able to have fun at the same time as drawing a baby cheetah. So go ahead and get busy and I will prepare my next tutorial. Peace out people and make sure to rate, comment or both.

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