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How to Draw a Chibi sheep anime character

Artist: KiyuKoi / January 7, 2016
How to Draw a Chibi sheep anime character

Step 1.

Start off with an oval and a circle. For the circle don't forget to add in guide lines for the face

Step 2.

Add the sheep fluff around your oval. (I made my oval a bit smaller because it mashed it all together.)

Step 3.

Now this step is making the head for your sheep. The hair makes the little ears and don't forget to add the little horns!

Step 4.

Add a face and some extra fluff and your done!

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Artist: KiyuKoi
Date Added: January 7, 2016
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Tags: how to draw anime, hot to draw chibis, hot to draw sheep
Description: How to draw a Chibi sheep anime character. The most cutest most fluffiest sheep ever. Got this idea while watching Ivan Polka hope you enjoy it!