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How to Draw a Rose

Artist: fwuffystro / November 16, 2012
How to Draw a Rose

Step 1.

Start by making a simple slanted spiral where you would like the head of the rose to be.

Step 2.

Begin drawing the side petals.

Step 3.

Complete the petals, making four sets of petals go around the outside.

Step 4.

Zooming out...

Step 5.

Add the body of the rose, leaving room for the stem.

Step 6.

Add the stem.

Step 7.

Add the leaf

Step 8.

Add more detail to the leaf by adding lines.

Step 9.

Add in the basic colors bluntly. Do not worry about shading yet.

Step 10.

Add basic lighter shading to the rose head.

Step 11.

Make black lines on the rose head darker. Finish the rose head.

Step 12.

Darken black lines on stem as with rose, only the lines on the leaf should be darker green and not black.

Step 13.

Do lighter shading on the stem and leaf.

Step 14.

Add background details. (ex: bird, shade sun, clouds)

Step 15.

And there you have it; the completed rose.

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Artist: fwuffystro
Date Added: November 16, 2012
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Tags: how to draw a rose, how to draw flowers
Description: How to draw a standard rose and color it. Not very detailed, cartoony.