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How to Draw A Colorful Flower For Little Kids

Artist: DragonRider / June 30, 2012
How to Draw A Colorful Flower For Little Kids

Step 1.

First You will draw a circle with a line down (the stem). When you are done with this step it should look kinda like a balloon. I used markers to draw it just to show you how you can color it after drawing.

Step 2.

Now you will do the peddles. I colored them in a pattern but you can any way you want. Each pedal should look like an oval sticking out.

Step 3.

Now last but not least, We will do the leaves on the stem. Each one should be a triangle. It doesn't matter how many you draw on it. Now the best part, Color it! Be creative! Thank you for doing this tutorial. I bet your flower is pretty.

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