Draw a Man and Woman


Begin by drawing the guides and shapes for the two figures in this lesson.


We will begin by drawing the man's profile then draw the thick shape of the neck. Don't forget to make the ear as well as the detailing inside the ear.


You can go ahead and draw in the hairstyle for the man and then draw i the face which should have some imperfections. Don't forget the eye, collar bones and neck detailing.


You can start on the girl by drawing the back of her head which is in the form of her long, thick straight hair. Add the strand lines to her hair as well.


Sketch out the man's shoulders and some of his right arm, along with the chest impression lines. For the girl you will draw her arms, shoulder and hands as they are reaching up for the man. Add some detailing to the arms for added tone.


Continue to work on his arms, Add definition to the arms and when you are done with that you can draw in his chest and nippes.


Here you will draw the shape of her body which is curvacious. Add the detailing to the but and legs and then you can proceed to the next step.


Draw in his legs and the rest of the right arm which also has a hand. When you are done you can erase your mistakes and draw some clothing on your woman. Just add some panties, skirt or what have you.


Here is the line art. Color in the drawing and show off your work.

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August 7, 2017

Description: I thought I would switch up the day and give you guys a lesson that is pretty unique. It's a concept piece that I call 'Twisted Love', but for the sake of a tutorial title, this is how to draw a man and woman, step by step. As you can see from the image, the couple has a striking symbolism that some might relate to. When drawing this image I was thinking on how the woman is longing for the man's attention, love and companionship. He seems as though he is just stringing her along as he does with other woman, but in the end the infatuation we have for someone can ruin us all and bring us to change who we are as people. If it's not in your character to lower yourself to a man just to be noticed by him, then don't do it at all. There is no way to be noticed by someone who cares nothing for you. Enjoy drawing a man and woman folks, I will try and upload more tuts soon.

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