How to Draw a Cool Girl

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We will begin by drawing the head and torso guide shapes followed by the facial guidelines and limb guides.


Using the guides you just made, draw the actual shape of her face including the outline of her ear. We will then need to draw the hairline as well.


The facial guidelines will be utilized here by drawing the eyebrows, and then the long, wide shape of the eyes. The lashes should be thick and bold for added drama. Draw a space with the right eyebrow and then a brow piercing. When the eyes are done,   


Drawing hair is always my favorite part to creating a female's profile or concept. Since the sides of her head are shaved, all you will do is start the hair on a line near the side of her head and then draw the long locks in a style that is pulled al   


Up next, start the drawing process for the torso starting with the necklace, dog tag, and then draw the shape of the chest. Add some of the lining for the arm as well as some of her stomach or waist.


Lastly, draw the right shoulder and arm, then draw the Anarchy A tattoo on the shoulder as well. Finish it all off by drawing some of the leg, wrinkles, crinkles and creases in the clothes. Erase the mistakes and guides when done.


Here is the line art, add some color and you're done.

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July 10, 2017

Description: Hey folks, welcome back to another lesson here on As I said with my other tuts, I will be trying my hardest to upload more new lessons throughout every week. To begin my tut day I want to show you how to draw a cool girl, step by step. When I think of a cool chick, I usually think of a rebelious female that has a shaved head, tattoo somewhere and even some piercings. The eyes of this girl came out wicked cool, and I love the stare that she is giving back at you. Even though I haven't been active on Drago, I still managed to stay actively drawing because I don't want to get rusty with my art skill and because to me, drawing is therapeutic. Even though the cool girl's eyes are nice, you can't trust the eyes staring back at you as you gaze into the green round shards of glass. Instead you have to wonder what is going on in the mind behind those lying eyes. I guess a portrait of this style should make someone guess, not who the person is in the picture, but what is inside the mind of the person who created the face staring back at you. Anyways, have fun with what I want to call, how to a cool girl, because in all reality aren't we all cool when we want to be?

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