How to draw mermaids

Artist: Twilight_moon / January 19, 2020

Step 1.

Okay, so, start with her head outline. Most simple thing to do right now.

Step 2.

Start outlining the head shape. I added the line to divide the hair from the head. I’d recommend that

Step 3.

Draw the ears and hair. The body will change later on. Oh! And, the face! A bright smile :)

Step 4.

Start drawing the hand and the tail. DONT TO THE END OF THE TAIL YET NOR THE OTHER HAND!!

Step 5.

Draw the end tail and the hair! And you’ve finished mermaid 1! Onto mermaid 2!!

Step 6.

Uhm.... What is she looking at? Oh! The next mermaids head shape structure! Woohoo!

Step 7.

This one is smaller than the other because the species is smol uwu. Anyway. Do the head, neck, and hairline outline.

Step 8.

She looks bad ;-; But! Do the face and part of the start tail. ARM AND HANDS TOO!

Step 9.

Do the hair and the one and half tail! DoNe!

Step 10.

Add detail and outline with marker! Done 100%

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Artist: Twilight_moon
Date Added: January 19, 2020
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Description: Heyyyy! So I’m going to do my FIRST ever tut so have fun lol