How to Draw a Simple Dragon Head


Start this first step with a medium sized circle for the shape of the dragons head. Next draw another smaller lemon shaped circle toward the front forehead of the dragon head. Now draw out the shape of the long thick snout as shown and give him a mou   


In this step you will start drawing or sketching out the shape of the dragons rough looking mouth line. Take your pencil and draw a rugged looking line that separates his top mouth from the bottom jaw. Now using that plus sign draw out the shape of h   


Now here in this step your sketch will look more like a dragon. First draw in his eyeball and pupil and shade it in. Now you can color in his nostril hole. What you are gonna do next is sketch in the detailing lines for his snout and his neck as show   


Now here you will start sketching in the thick brow structure that bulges out of the dragons head. You start with a small shape and then large, then smaller. This will give that dimensional look to the dragons head. Detail the skin around the nostril   


After you have erased all the guidelines and shapes your drawing should come out looking like this. All you have to do is color him in if you want. That does it for this tutorial on drawing a simple black and white dragon head. Stay tuned for extra d   


First start off with this step by drawing out your dragon eye. When you draw the pupil, select the eraser brush and erase out a corner whit spot. This will define its shininess. Make sure you know where the light source is coming from. This is very    


Now this is a key step in the making of shiny black and white eyes. Make sure you make the bottom part of the eye extra dark. Then line the top up dark too but not as thick as the bottom layer. You have to use your brush tool for this. As you noticed   


Last is the smudging process. Make sure you get both of the upper and lower dark spots nice and smudged. This will make your eye super shiny. See how well proportioned the eye shading is? If your using Adobe Photoshop, you can click the smudge brush    

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June 18, 2008

Description: This is going to be a quick tutorial on how to sketch, draw and shade a simple looking black and white dragon head. I know I have one already submitted a dragon head, but I was thinking that this time, I would actually show people how to do the shading and how to get that glossy looking effect you see in a lot of dragon drawings that you see in magazines or posters or even in some art that you see from individuals. DragoArt is a site that likes to teach kids and adults how to draw, color, shade, sketch the hole nine with very simple instructions and easy looking large tutorials that make it that much easier for users to learn from. If you notice we take pride in our finished colored drawings to give some ideas on what colors to use or to use the colors we have as a reference to tweak your own colors. Dragons are very popular fantasy characters that people of all ages love learning how to draw. As you can see I have submitted quite a few on this site to give variety and style. I also submitted some interesting concept art. These sketches come from my imagination usually after I get done watching a move or when I am feeling bored but creative at the same time. The dragon head I drew for you today is just a simple looking typical dragon that almost anyone can draw. It is so simple, I would put it in the novice category if it wasn’t for the extra steps of shading and effect detailing that I have included with this tutorial. You can use the same concept for any kind of dragon you choose to draw. All dragons basically have the same style eyes. Some have round pupils, and some have slit pupils. There are all different types of dragons as well that sometimes fall into there own categories like blue dragons, red dragons, white dragons, green dragons, Chinese dragons, Japanese dragons, traditional dragons and the list goes on and one. When ever you learn how to draw any type of dragon the principal always remain the same. You are essentially drawing a reptile. This means you can add scales or leave them out, you can draw a horned back or you can leave them out. You can also draw dragons with two, three, even five heads which would then be called a hydra. Dragons have been a part of mythology from all different cultures from all over the world. They are not just associated with Asians. There are dragon myths from the Romans all the way to the Middle Eastern cultures. No matter how you look at it dragons have always been and will always be a big part of fantasy tales around the world. You will learn how to draw a simple looking dragon head step by step in this detailed tutorial. Have fun.

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