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How to Draw a Young Berserker Dragon

Artist: Evil_Dragon / July 4, 2008
How to Draw a Young Berserker Dragon

Step 1.

Draw a ton of round shapes. Make sure they're in this order.

Step 2.

Now add details such as the tail and mouth.

Step 3.

Now add the final details, it'll start to look cool by now.

Step 4.

Just erase the guide lines and color it any way you want, the stripes i didn't add in the tutorial. =)

Comments (1)
Potaoes · 5 years ago
Very nice, with the back leg though, it's bending backwards, which looks likeit is broken. Just a little tip, watch the joints, that back leg shouldn't bend so much and the back foot should be just behind the right foot. Great tutorial though
Artist: Evil_Dragon
Date Added: July 4, 2008
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Description: This dragon is a rare berserker dragon, wingless, it relies on speed and agility to be able to catch its prey, harpy dragons(coming soon) it tends to go "berserk" when angry, even when BARLEY angry to attack. This one is a chick though, so have fun!