How To Draw The Green Goblin

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First off you will draw out the guidelines and shapes of the Green Goblin frame. Start by drawing out the shape of his head with facial guidelines drawn in. Next draw a mid sized circle for his torso and then a few more circles for the shoulders and    


Okay next you will start drawing out his face right arm and hand and then his legs and left foot. His face looks like a cut out pumpkin right now.Now draw out the begining shapes of his shoulder, arm, and then his clawed hand. Now shape up his muscul   


Okay this is where it starts to get interesting. You will now draw out the shape of the hat. Next start drawing out the face a lot more better. The shape of the eyes are just wide tear drop looking shapes and then his very small and pointy nose and t   


You will now start to sketch in the detailing on the shirt until you have a baggy looking top. Detail his face under the eye and the beginning steps to his teeth. The neck bones are next along with the eyes of the pumpkin in his hand. Detail his righ   


In this last step you will first erase all the visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in the first step. After that you can draw the shape of his left arm and finish off drawing the face on the jack-o-lantern bomb. Next draw in his shape looking   


After your drawing is cleaned up you can add some quick shading in the pumpkins mouth, under his eyes and inside of his mouth. You can also shade in under the left side of his glider. Now you are ready to color in the Green Goblin. That does it for t   

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June 30, 2008

Description: Okay, time for another Marvel character that I like, and not because I followed this character through the years, no instead I like this character because of the Spiderman movies. That is right ladies and gentleman I am talking about the Green Goblin. Now many of you probably know more about the Green Goblin than I do, so because of that I will describe to all of you who he is and how he became the goblin he is today by my movie watching experience. The image that I chose to use as a character for the goblin is from the comic book image from Marvel. I felt that if I’m writing about the Green Goblin I should at least draw a sketch of the original because the one from the movie looks too plastic. Not only that, the original looks a lot better too. Anyways, the Green Goblin is no other than the eccentric millionaire, Normal Osborn. Now Norman Osborn studied chemistry and electrical engineering as his major in college. So as an adult he was in charge of Oscorp a company that is funded by the United States military. Dr. Osborn’s new project involves working with Nanotechnology. His job for the military is to develop a humanoid weapon, something like a super soldier. Norman insist that the formula is almost ready to be tested on a human, but his colleague Dr. Mendel feels that the formula need to go back to the drawing board on account that it has made all the test subjects go dangerously insane. Now that Dr. Osborn has a noose around his neck to get the formula the military wants by a certain date or they will pull all funding, he takes the vial of green liquid and uses himself as a guinea pig to prove that it is ready. While in the changing chamber Norman Osborn’s body began to go threw changes like his muscles were getting bigger and his strength was increased 5X is normal ability. Dr. Mendel was panicking because he thought that Osborn was in serious trouble. So he went into the chamber to look over his colleague. Osborn’s eyes open with a deadly fierce look and he grabbed the doctor and threw him through the glass chamber pane. That was the day the Green Goblin was born. The military eventually gives the super-soldier contract to another company called Quest Aerospace. After hearing what they have done the Green Goblin takes over Norman Osborn and seeks revenge on several of the highest ranking officials and kills them. The original Green Goblin uses a bat shaped Goblin glider to transport himself from place to place and he also uses jack-o-lantern looking grenade like bombs for a weapon. He is also dressed in a Halloween looking costume that is basically all green except for his shirt, hat, gloves, and boots which are purple. The Spiderman movie is what put me on to this character. I show you in detail how to draw the Green Goblin step by step. I hope you have fun and remember a good artist takes their time.

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