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How to Draw a Harpy Dragon

Artist: Evil_Dragon / July 4, 2008
How to Draw a Harpy Dragon

Step 1.

Draw a LOT of stuff.

Step 2.

Draw the details such as tail, leg, neck, head, and wing features.

Step 3.

Add more to the details, make them all cool lookin'.

Step 4.

Finish all the crap.

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Potaoes · 4 years ago
Another creative dragon. Another little advice, the back legs, you wouldnt be able to see all the toes, maybe one or two.
Artist: Evil_Dragon
Date Added: July 4, 2008
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Tags: how to draw harpies
Description: The prey of a berserker dragon, this species is abnormally large to be prey, at 30 feet tall and 90 feet long, it weighs34 tons and it spits acidic poison and can fly at 67 MPH. But since it lives alone, a berserker dragon could have a tough fight against a Harpy Dragon, (Fight Scene Coming Soon)