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How to Draw a Bullet

Artist: Dawn / February 26, 2010
How to Draw a Bullet

Step 1.

Like I said in the tutorial description, drawing a bullet is going to be quite easy. Start with an oval shape for the body of the casing, and then draw a vertical line down the middle.

Step 2.

You will now sketch out the actual shape of the bullet head, and then the casing that it sits in or on. Next draw the tips of the flames that will be drawn in and around the ammo.

Step 3.

Before you draw any more flames as you see here, you will need to sketch out the bottom base of the bullet's body. This is where the hammer hits the primer and ignites the gunpowder. Once that is done you can continue to draw flooding flames that eng   

Step 4.

You have already reached your last drawing step which means you are ready to finish off this tutorial. Finish drawing the roaring flames and then you are done. Now you can choose to draw a handgun bullet, or you can choose to draw your favorite riffl   

Step 5.


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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 26, 2010
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Description: Weapons are tools used for protection, survival, and defense. There are all sorts of different types of weapons out there but the most common is firearms. But the thing with guns is that they are useless without one main component, ammo. This tutorial will be based on “"how to draw a bullet", step by step. Drawing bullets, is as you may know, a very easy concept to tackle. They are essentially cylinder shaped pieces of metal filled with gunpowder and capped with a lead tip. Inside of a bullet there are four parts, the bullet itself which is the tip of the ammo, the casing which is the shell that the everything sits in, the gunpowder which forces the bullet from the casing, and then you have the primer, which is what ignites the gunpowder to set it all off. Each bullet is made in callipers. A calliper is the exact diameter of a bullet which is made and measured in inches or millimetres. Did you know that a .22 bullet can be used in a handgun and a riffle? It's true, the same .22 calliper bullet can be used in a .22 handgun, and in a .22 riffle. The difference between the two is speed, distance, and of course size. Handguns are worn on the hip, and the riffles are carried over the shoulder using a sling. Commonly, riffle ammo has a pointy shaped bullet tip, and handguns have round tipped bullets. Based on your preference, you can draw bullets that are to your liking, but there are fifteen common style callipers to choose from; 7.65x17, 9x17, 9x18, 9x19, .32, .45, .32 magnum, 7.62x25, .38 special, 7.62x38r, .357, 7.62x39 M39 aka AK-47, 5.56x45 M193, 7.62x54R, and finally the 12ga ¾ 00 Buckshot for the shotgun. I think this is going to be a very simple, and fun lesson that will teach you "how to draw a bullet", in the easiest way possible. My return will bring other cool lessons for you all so stay tuned in to see what they are. Peace peeps, and happy hunting!