How to Draw a Anaconda

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Okay all you have to do is draw a circle for the anaconda's head and then draw a vertical line down the face. You will then draw the long slithering line for the body and then move to the next step.


In the upper right corner start drawing out the lining for the leaves and then the actual shape of the anaconda's body. You will draw out the opening shape and lining for the mouth and then the shapes of the branches that the anaconda is hanging on.


You will draw out the thickness of the anaconda's body and then start sketching out the inside of the mouth. Draw in the eyes and then detail the branch as shown here. Start drawing out the tree branches and then the tropical tree leaves. As you can    


Start sketching in the details on the branches and then detail the leaves. Once all your trees are drawn out and detailed you can thicken the anacondas body some more so you can finish him off. At this point you can add or erase plant life or even dr   


All you will do here is sketch out more trees, plants and branches in the tropical rainforest. You are not only learning how to draw an anaconda with this tutorial, you will also learn how to draw a rainforest step by step as well.


Finish drawing out the tail and make sure you thicken it as well, Detail and define the last of the leaves and branches and you will now move to your last drawing step.


Here is where you will sketch in the spotting and shading on the anaconda's body. You will also shade and detail some of the leaves and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


This was such a cool tutorial on how to draw an anaconda snake step by step. I had so much fun doing this lesson with you all and now all you have to do is color in your snake and make him/her your own. I have to go but it has definitely been real.

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January 15, 2017

Description: I see that everyone is enjoying the new lessons that I have submitted so far and I am happy about that. For my last drawing tutorial I will be showing you "how to draw a anaconda", step by step. Anaconda's are the biggest snakes in the world. These massive snakes are not only long, they are really full of girth as well and can get as wide as a full grown man. Even though these reptiles are so incredibly large, they are seldom seen in the wild. They hunt for their prey near lakes, rivers and ponds as well as swamps. Sometimes anacondas will mistakenly see a child or a man as prey and eat them alive. These snakes thrive in South America and the largest recorded anaconda had an estimated sized of one hundred feet long in one village and another village in South America reported an anaconda sighting at being fifty feet long. What does the giant squid and anaconda have in common? They both have never been located in their reported sizes. It's true, both the anaconda and the giant squid have been reported at record lengths and sizes, but they have never really been spotted or studied. Sure sometimes a scientist will get lucky and find a tentacle that is believed to belong to a giant squid or the shedding skin of a snake that proves these animals exist. But never have any of them been found. Anaconda's are said to be one of the dangerous of all animals because of their fierce appetites and their lack of perception. These snakes are a part of the boa constrictor family which means that they grab and squeeze their prey until the body dies from suffocation or internal bleeding. Anaconda's feed on almost anything and have also been known to eat jaguars, deer, alligators and fish. Back in 2008 scientist found a fossilized mass of a gigantic snake that was estimated at being forty three feet long and weighing two thousand five hundred pounds. Now if that is not a killer snake than I don't know what is. The anaconda is one of my favorite snakes in the world and because of that, I have a nice collection of movies that are based on killer snakes particularly anacondas. Anyways this drawing came out super sweet and I know that you guys will love learning "how to draw a anaconda", step by step. I will be back tomorrow so stay tuned and see you then when they day comes back and greets us all once again.

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